Casemaker FREE Legal Research

Casemaker can be accessed in the sidebar menu on your MyDashboard page.

Casemaker is a free, internet-based legal research service available to all Alabama State Bar members. In addition to Alabama case law beginning with 1 So., the Alabama Code, constitution, rules of court and Administrative Code and regulations, Casemaker also contains a federal database with U.S. Supreme Court cases, case law from the federal circuit and district courts, U.S. Bankruptcy Court opinions, federal court rules, the U.S. Code and the Code of Federal Regulations. Because Casemaker is the product of a multi-state consortium of bar associations, it also contains cases and statutes from all 50 states. For more information, call 334-517-2242 or email

Casemaker also provides three tools which will enhance your legal research capabilities.

CaseCheck+™ Citations

CaseCheck+ is Casemaker’s negative citatory system that lets you know instantly if the case you’re reading is still good law.  CaseCheck+ returns both positive and negative treatments and allows you to quickly review the citation history for both state and federal cases.


CasemakerDigest helps you keep up with the latest cases in your practice area.  Within 12 – 24 hours of publication, Casemaker editors deliver daily summaries of state and Federal appellate cases.  Classified by practice area, choose one, a few or all, and get just the information you need, when you need it.

CiteCheck™ Brief Analyzer

Before you file, upload your brief to Casemaker.  In moments you will have up-to-the-minute information on each case in your brief, and you will know if they remain good law.  Upload your opposition’s brief, too. You may discover something interesting.