Attorney Licensing

Membership Status

Each member of the Alabama State Bar must annually purchase either an Occupational License or a Special Membership. All licenses and memberships expire on September 30th of each year and must be renewed annually for an attorney to be considered an active member in good standing. Additional details, including the differences between the Occupational License and Special Membership are below.

You can pay your license fee, Client Security Fund dues and section dues (if any) online in one place! Visit your MyDashboard and click “Consolidated Fee Invoice.”

Occupational License

An attorney who engages in the active practice of law is required to purchase an occupational license (Section 40-12-49, Code of Alabama, 1975, as amended). The practice of law is defined in Section 34-3-6, Code of Alabama, 1975, as amended.

Occupational License Fee: $325.00

A late penalty of 15% ($48.75) is added to occupational license fee payments received after October 31. Fees postmarked October 31 but not received by that date are considered late and penalty applies.

Special Membership

An attorney NOT engaged in the active practice of law in Alabama may pay special membership dues to remain a member in good standing (Sections 34-3-17 & 18, Code of Alabama, 1975, as amended). Those exempt from licensing by virtue of a position held (i.e. judgeships, attorneys general, U.S. attorneys, district attorneys, etc.) also qualify for special memberships. Attorneys who hold a special membership ARE NOT permitted to engage in the private practice of law in Alabama.

Special Membership Dues: $162.50

Dues payment includes a $15.00 subscription to The Alabama Lawyer and ADDENDUM newsletter.