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The Alabama Lawyer Article Index 1991-2000

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1999 Pro Bono Honor Roll, January, pg. 33

A Commentary on State Farm v. Hannig, 7, pg. 386

A Guide to Mechanics’ Liens in Alabama, May, pg. 202

Alabama State Bar Fall 1999 Admittees, January, pg. 24

Alabama’s Business Taxes: A Change in Direction, March, pg. 111

Alabama’s Code of Legal Ethics, March, pg. 128

APJI’s Contributions to the Legal Profession Enrich Law Schools, September, pg. 268

Arbitration of Statutory Employment Claims, September, pg. 264

ASB 2000 Convention Highlights, November, pg. 320

Authors of Alabama: A Look at the Diverse Work of the State’s Attorneys, September, pg. 250

Bibb Allen: Prominent and Humble Member of the Greatest Generation, January, pg. 61

Book Review–Lawyers in a New South City, September, pg. 272

Book Review–Sins of the Brother, January, pg. 39

Book Review: Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, March, pg. 107

Book Review: The Soulbane Stratagem Business, March, pg. 106

Brasilian Judges Enjoy Second Visit to ASB, March, pg. 121

Divorce and Taxes: What Every Divorce Attorney Should Know about Taxes, March, pg. 116

Ethix Chex: Ethics Potpourri for $50–Fees, Gigabytes, Fellows and Files, January, pg. 64

Ethix Chex: If All Your Friends (?) Could See You Now, 7, pg. 374

Federal Tax Relief for Innocent Spouses: New Opportunities under the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act, May, pg. 204

Historical Development of Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation Law, January, pg. 48

Military Law Committee–Cleanup of Phenix City, 7, pg. 400

Montgomery’s First Lady Combines Role with Judicial Duties, November, pg. 318

Negotiating and Litigating with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, November, pg. 322

Organ Donation: Lawyers Can Save Lives without Going to Medical School, 7, pg. 379

Permits, Best Management Practices and Construction Sites: Don’t Muddy the Water, or Else!, November, pg. 330

Profile: Larry Wade Morris, May, pg. 154

Proposed Amendment of Rule VI, Rules Governing Admission to the Alabama State Bar, May, pg. 185

Settling Federal Cases on Appeal: A Trap for the Unwary, 7, pg. 396

Solicitation by Any Other Name Is Still Solicitation, May, pg. 190

State Law Local Government Liability: A Primer, September, pg. 256

Stress Management for Lawyers, March, pg. 108

The Doctrine of Caveat Emptor and the Duty to Disclose Material Defects and Other Conditions in the Sale of Single-Family Residential Real Estate: Defining the Home Buyer’s Legal Rights, March, pg. 122

The One-Hour VLP Case, November, pg. 308

The Return-to-Work Statute under the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act, January, pg. 54

The Top Ten Ways of Avoiding Sexual Harassment Liability, May, pg. 194

The VLP and the IRS, 7, pg. 376

War Stories, 7, pg. 381

War Stories, November, pg. 317

What Every Lawyer Should Know–Recent Amendments to the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure, 7, pg. 382 Choosing Domain Names and Protecting Trademarks on the Internet, January, pg. 40

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Additional Amendments to the Rules of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, January, pg. 68

Alabama Law Foundation Fellows Dinner, May, pg. 158

Alabama State Bar 1999 Spring Admittees, September, pg. 241

Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program Receives National Fellowship, 7, pg. 393

Alabama Students Named Medal Winners on Law Day, September, pg. 247

Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution and Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution Celebrate Five Years of Accomplishments, 7, pg. 387

Alabama’s Minority Attorneys, 7, pg. 410

Alternatives to Litigating Y2K Disputes, March, pg. 106

Arbitration: Post-Award Procedures, November, pg. 314

ASB Annual Meeting Highlights, November, pg. 350

ASB Pro Bono Award Winners, November, pg. 335

ASB Volunteer Lawyers Program Leadership Councils, November, pg. 312

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Barbour County, March, pg. 98

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – British Isles (While on vacation), January, pg. 30

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Henry County, May, pg. 170

Business Torts from a Plaintiff’s Perspective, 7, pg. 415

Committee on Access to Legal Services Honors Volunteers, January, pg. 41

Contingency fee contract in collection of child support arrearage cases impermissible absent extraordinary circumstances, January, pg. 32

Dedication of Justice John McKinley Federal Building, September, pg. 262

Democracy in the Dark (Bar Visitors from Kazakhstan), May, pg. 153

Democracy in the Dark, May, pg. 153

Do Something Different, 7, pg. 385

Employer Liability in Sexual Harassment Cases: Two New U.S. Supreme Court Decisions, January, pg. 43

Ethical propriety of a lawyer knowingly filing a lawsuit in a wrong venue, May, pg. 201

Federal and State Trial Courts Adopt Standards for Professional Conduct, November, pg. 348

Helping Clients with Tax Debts, November, pg. 325

It Was about Power and Judicial Independence, May, pg. 196

JIC Advisory Opinions on the Internet, September, pg. 236

Judicial Reform in Alabama: A Reflection, May, pg. 185

Judicial Review of Administrative Agency Actions under the Alabama Administrative Agency Procedure Act, September, pg. 257

Justice McKinley Honored, 7, pg. 379

Lawyers Moving From One Firm To Another – What Are the Ethical Problems Involved In Changing Firms?, March, pg. 102

Litigation Cost Controls and the Professional Obligations of Insurance Defense Lawyers, November, pg. 336

Local Bar Award of Achievement, May, pg. 181

Marker Honors Alabama State Bar, January, pg. 47

Mobile Bar Association Celebrates 130th Anniversary, September, pg. 248

Newest Additions to the Alabama State Bar, September, pg. 248

President-Elect Profiles: Richard H. Gill and Samuel A. Rumore, Jr., May, pg. 148

Reflections on the 25th Anniversary of the Judicial Article, May, pg. 182

Remarks of Fred D. Gray: Pepperdine University School of Law Commencement Convocation, November, pg. 291

Respecting the Rules: The Legislature Tinkers with Rule 23, 7, pg. 404

Sex Offender Registration and Notification: The Constitution vs. Public Safety, March, pg. 112

Should This Case Be Appealed?, March, pg. 106

Should This Case Be Appealed?, March, pg. 107

State Bar Names New MCLE and VLP Directors, March, pg. 129

Stress! Stressed! Stressed Out!, November, pg. 332

The Alabama Ethics Law: A Retrospective, September, pg. 264

The Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program, January, pg. 56

The Alabama Religious Freedom Amendment: A Lawyer’s Guide, 7, pg. 396

The Art of Intervention: Get Tough, May, pg. 180

The Birmingham Pledge–A Lawyer Who has Made a Difference, 7, pg. 414

The New Litigative Environment – Defending a Client in Parallel Civil and Criminal Proceedings, January, pg. 48

Third party auditing of lawyer’s billing – confidentiality problems and interference with representation, January, pg. 35

Unique Alabama Trust and Estate Income Tax Rules Create Traps for Alabama Lawyers, September, pg. 249

Why a Women’s Section?, November, pg. 340

Witness Statements, March, pg. 119

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A Practitioner’s Guide to the Alabama Age Discrimination Act of 1997, March, pg. 108

A Practitioner’s Guide to the Basics of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, January, pg. 33

A Survey of Alabama Lawyers: 1998 , 7, pg. 376

A Survey of Alabama Lawyers: 1998, 7, pg. 376

A Survey of Alabama Lawyers: 1998, May, pg. 144

ADR at Cumberland School of Law of Samford University, September, pg. 258

ADR at the University of Alabama School of Law, September, pg. 257

Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution, September, pg. 236

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Butler County, May, pg. 150

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Conecuh County, January, pg. 26

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Crenshaw County, September, pg. 214

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Jefferson County, November, pg. 296

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Pike County, 7, pg. 358

Community Punishment and Corrections of Adults in Alabama, May, pg. 158

Corporate representation – parent subsidiaries – conflict of interest, November, pg. 298

Drinking and Driving in Alabama: The Facts, the Law, and Possible Solutions, November, pg. 304

Enjoying the ‘Pay Off’ for All Your Hard Work – Personal Money Management for Lawyers, May, pg. 144

Environmental Law Section Initiates Community Service Project, September, pg. 259

Ethical obligations when representing public bodies, March, pg. 91

Facilitative Mediation or Evaluative Mediation: May Your Choice Be a Wise One, September, pg. 246

Governor Signs Executive Order Encouraging Use of Mediation by State Agencies, September, pg. 255

Judicial Restraint and the Doctrine of Separation of Powers, May, pg. 166

Making Your Appeals More Appealing: Appellate Judges Talk About Appellate Practice, November, pg. 321

Mediation Comes of Age in Alabama, September, pg. 239

Mediation Q & A, September, pg. 218

Net Ethics: Concerns Regarding E-Mail and World Wide Web Use by Attorneys, January, pg. 44

New Life for Alabama Rule of Civil Procedure 56(f) – Affidavits, January, pg. 41

O Yea! O Yea! An Alabama Lawyer Goes to London, 7, pg. 383

Payment of Expert and Lay Witnesses, January, pg. 55

Plaintiff Counsel Contracting Former Employees of Corporate Defendant, May, pg. 156

Punitive Damages in Alabama After BMW v. Gore: Are Outcomes Any More Predictable?, November, pg. 314

Recent Decisions, 7, pg. 396

Report on Mediation Pilot Project of the Montgomery County Family Court, September, pg. 250

Respecting the Rules: Using and Misusing Rule 14, May, pg. 173

Retention storage destruction and disposition of client files, 7, pg. 365

Rules on the Alabama State Bar Resolution of Fee Disputes, September, pg. 251

The Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc., September, pg. 237

The Alabama Ethics Law for Lawyers, March, pg. 101

The Institute for Dispute Resolution at Jones School of Law, September, pg. 257

The Montgomery Community Dispute Resolution Program, September, pg. 256

The Right to Court-Appointed Counsel in Extradition Proceedings, March, pg. 94

Year 2000 – Remember Noah (Y2K, etc.), 7, pg. 371

Browse 1997 issues


Advertising general, January, pg. 53

Alabama’s Arbitration Cases: Where Does the Non-Signatory Stand?, September, pg. 246

Alabama’s Poverty Industry, September, pg. 234

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Choctaw County, May, pg. 142

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Clarke County, September, pg. 204

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Lowndes County, January, pg. 16

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Monroe County, 7, pg. 330

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Washington County, March, pg. 80

Civil Procedure Update: A Survey of Recent Case Law Interpreting the Rules, March, pg. 108

Civilian Representation of the Military Client, November, pg. 288

Consumer Finance – The Fuel That Drives the Economy, September, pg. 230

Criminalization of Asset Transfers In Medicaid Planning, May, pg. 164

Discovery in Criminal Cases: Obtaining Evidence and Information Necessary for an Effective Defense, 7, pg. 352

Elder Law: Pitfalls for the Unwary, May, pg. 160

Electronic Evidence: Discovery in the Computer Age, May, pg. 176

Employment of disbarred or suspended attorneys, March, pg. 106

Limited Liability Partnerships, September, pg. 242

Obligation of law firm to deliver client files to a lawyer who has left the firm, May, pg. 168

Opening Courts (October 7, 1996), January, pg. 37

Piercing the Corporate Veil Under Alabama Law: Legal Standards and Evidentiary Factors, May, pg. 170

Problems Applying the Life of Georgia v. Johnson Case in the Product Liability Setting: Where Do We Go With Punitive Damages After BMW v. Gore?, January, pg. 46

Qualified Immunity and Its Evolution in the Eleventh Circuit, November, pg. 300

Respecting the Rules: The Lowe – Edgar Aberration Endangers the Integrity of Rules 18(c), 20, 21, and 42(b), January, pg. 54

Restrictions on a lawyer’s right to practice law, November, pg. 294

Retention storage destruction and disposition of client files, 7, pg. 368

Taxability of Punitive Damages, March, pg. 96

The Ethics of Time-Based Billing by Attorneys, January, pg. 40

The Faces of Pro Bono, 7, pg. 342

The Tiger Turns 90 – A Tribute to Martin Leigh Harrison’, March, pg. 103

What Every Lawyer Should Know About Reaffirmation and Redemption in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases, November, pg. 296

Where to Turn in a Post-Punitive Damages World: The ‘Qui Tam’ Provisions of the False Claims Act, 7, pg. 356

Why Was Your Petition for a Writ of Certiorari Denied? The Importance of Procedural Compliance With Rule 39, Ala.R.App.P, 7, pg. 348

Browse 1996 issues


A Basic Understanding of Sexual Harassment, March, pg. 105

A Practitioner’s Guide to Affirmative Defenses in Alabama, March, pg. 86

A Practitioner’s Guide to Alabama’s Tort of Bad Faith, November, pg. 277

Alabama’s Amended Ethics Law, January, pg. 34

Attorney representing a public entity which comes within scope of Sunshine Law conferring with client in closed session, March, pg. 83

Attorney representing a public entity which comes within scope of Sunshine Law conferring with client in closed session, November, pg. 308

Bad Faith: Does it Apply to Sureties in Alabama?, September, pg. 241

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Bullock County, March, pg. 145

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Montgomery County, Part I, November, pg. 293

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Montgomery County, Part II, 7, pg. 349

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Russell County, March, pg. 76

Child support programs – ethical procedures, November, pg. 361

Domestic relations fees, March, pg. 151

Foundations in Pluralism: A Learning Experience for Judges, November, pg. 300

Fraud: Recent Developments in Alabama, May, pg. 165

Injuries and Loss of Earnings, May, pg. 176

Law Practice: A Place for Moral Values, May, pg. 158

Life of Georgia: A Bold New Frontier – Punitive Damages and Pre-Verdict Procedures, September, pg. 225

N. Lee Cooper – Alabamian Set to Lead American Bar Association, September, pg. 220

Parham H. Williams, Jr. – Showing the Way to What is Best in Our Profession Howard, March, pg. 153

Recent Decisions, 7, pg. 364

Supreme Court of Alabama – Feat of Clay, September, pg. 236

The ABCs of E.R.I.S.A.: An Alabama Perspective (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), November, pg. 356

The Alabama Claims (History – Civil War Exploits), 7, pg. 339

Title IX – Gender Equity Meets the Sports Pages, March, pg. 98

Wrestling With the Intentional Injury Exclusion, 7, pg. 376

Young Lawyer’s Section, November, pg. 311

Young Lawyers’ Section, March, pg. 124

Browse 1995 issues


Alabama Dispute Resolution Foundation – a Commitment to the Betterment of Society and Our Profession, 7, pg. 341

Allied-Bruce Terminix, Inc. v. Dobson: Widespread Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements Arrives in Alabama, September, pg. 238

Associated Businesses and Use of the Disclaimer, January, pg. 18

Attention Trustees: Is Real Property in the Corpus Secure from Civil Forfeiture Under 21 U.S.C. Section 881?, March, pg. 83

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Autauga County, March, pg. 78

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Dallas County, January, pg. 12

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Elmore County Revisited, January, pg. 20

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Elmore County, May, pg. 143

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Lee County, 7, pg. 336

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Macon County, September, pg. 207

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Mobile County Revisited, November, pg. 274

Bus Ride to Justice reviewed by, September, pg. 213

Bus Ride to Justice, September, pg. 213

Caveat Iurisperitus: F.D.C.P.A. Applies to Litigation Activities, 7, pg. 348

Client instability and ethical obligations, September, pg. 227

Conflict of interest – general, 7, pg. 351

Conflict of interest – general, March, pg. 96

Conflict of interest – general, May, pg. 156

Dedication Speech, Judge Frank M. Johnson Historical Marker, 7, pg. 286

Disqualification in Criminal Cases, November, pg. 284

Fraudulent Suppression’s Duty to Disclose – Has the Exception Swallowed the Rule?, September, pg. 231

If I Have to Explain Why You Wouldn’t Understand (Lawyers on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles), 7, pg. 358

Legal Services and the Mobile Bar Association Join Hands to Help Poor People, January, pg. 41

Liability of a Municipality Under Alabama Law, January, pg. 35

Montgomery County Bar Association Establishes New Volunteer Lawyers Program, September, pg. 236

Not So Fast – Turning Down That Co-Employee Liability Case Can Cost the Injured Employee and You Money, January, pg. 45

Pitfalls in Estate Planning With IRAs, January, pg. 20

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder vs. Pseudo Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, March, pg. 90

Psychotherapy and the Law, January, pg. 44

Real Estate Mortgages and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Practice in Alabama – Current Overview and Practice Suggestions, May, pg. 174

Representing clients before a state agency when a partner serves as the hearing officer for said agency, January, pg. 30

Risk / Utility or Consumer Expectation, May, pg. 166

Saving Tammy Ferrell’s Land: A Legal Services Case, March, pg. 110

Sex-Based Wage Discrimination: Recovery Under the Equal Pay Act, Title VII or Both, November, pg. 294

Superior Estate Planning Documents: Going the Extra Mile, May, pg. 150

The Cloudy Future of Affirmative Action, January, pg. 24

The Mediation Alternative: Participating in a Problem-Solving Process, March, pg. 100

The Nuts and Bolts of Civil Appeals, November, pg. 304

The Third Citizens’ Conference on Alabama State Courts, September, pg. 243

Tort Liability for the Criminal Acts of Third Parties, March, pg. 112

Unauthorized Practice of Law, November, pg. 288

Wanted: Legal Employment – Job Hunt a Struggle for Alabama Grads, January, pg. 41

You Can Get There From Here: Program Accessibility Requirements Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, 7, pg. 363

Browse 1994 issues


The Alabama Class Action – Part II Gregory, May, pg. 158

1993: The Year of the ROM – CD ROM for Alabama Lawyers, January, pg. 46

A Practitioner’s Guide to Setting Aside Default Judgements, November, pg. 297

A Practitioner’s Guide to Setting Aside Default Judgments, November, pg. 297

A Tribute to Reggie Hamner – Calling a Spade a Spade, November, pg. 273

A Tribute to Reggie Hamner – Copy Reggie Hamner, November, pg. 275

A Tribute to Reggie Hamner – The Constant Professional, November, pg. 272

An Introduction to the Alabama Water Resource Act, May, pg. 176

An Introduction to The Alabama Water Resources Act, May, pg. 176

Attorney / Witness, November, pg. 289

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Chilton, January, pg. 17

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Green, May, pg. 146

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Hale, September, pg. 211

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Marengo, 7, pg. 337

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Perry, March, pg. 79

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Sumter, November, pg. 285

Contracts to act as a substitute counsel for indigent defendants, 7, pg. 342

Equitable Funding for Alabama’s Schools: A Summary of the Liability and Remedy Orders in the Case of Alabama Coalition for Equity, Inc., et. al. vs. Guy Hunt and Mary Harper et. al. vs. Guy Hunt, 7, pg. 354

Financing agreements for legal fees, January, pg. 20

Liability of Professional for Negligent Certification, September, pg. 226

Liability of Professionals for Negligent Certification, September, pg. 226

Overview of Alabama Taxes, 7, pg. 369

Pattern and Practice: Discovery and the Use of Evidence – A Defendant’s Perspective, September, pg. 233

Percentage Fees in Foreclosure Sales, September, pg. 214

Professional fees disbursements and other expenses, May, pg. 190

Remarks, January, pg. 43

The Alabama Class Action – Part I, March, pg. 105

The Alabama Class Action – Part II, May, pg. 158

The Alabama State Bar Quality of Life Survey Results, May, pg. 152

The Tort of Outrage in Alabama: Emerging Trends in Sexual Harassment, January, pg. 33

What Is This Thing Called UST?, September, pg. 220

Who Represents the Poor?, 7, pg. 382

Wrongful Birth: A Practitioner’s Guide to a New Arrival, March, pg. 84

Wrongful Supervision: New Attention on an Old Tort, March, pg. 96

Browse 1993 issues


A Double Standard Dilemma – Enforcing Arbitration Agreements in Alabama, January, pg. 38

ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center, January, pg. 36

ADAP’s Rural / Minority Outreach and Assistance Program Completes a Successful Year, September, pg. 325

African-American Females Making a Difference in the Alabama Legal Profession, May, pg. 170

Alabama Tort Law Handbook reviewed by, January, pg. 23

An Old Tradition with a New Mission – The American Inns of Court, November, pg. 381

An Overview of Jury Trials: Legal and Procedural Considerations, May, pg. 175

An Overview of the Application of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 to Employees of Private Employers, November, pg. 390

Batson Challenges from the Perspective of a Trial Judge, September, pg. 320

Batson: From an Appellate Judge’s Viewpoint, September, pg. 316

Beware of Tax Liens and the IRS Right of Redemption after Foreclosure, January, pg. 46

Black Pioneer Lawyers in Alabama – Living Legends, May, pg. 156

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Calhoun County Revisited , March, pg. 90

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Chambers, May, pg. 152

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Coosa, November, pg. 364

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Mobile County, July, pg. 228

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Randolph, March, pg. 87

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Talladega, January, pg. 12

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Tallapoosa, September, pg. 297

Comparative Fault: A Primer, January, pg. 56

Computer Access to Courts, May, pg. 206

Confidentiality Agreements, May, pg. 194

Contingent fees in child support cases, January, pg. 20

Copyright Law Surprises for Non-Copyright Lawyers, July, pg. 240

Ex Parte Contracts in Social Security Cases, July, pg. 252

Faith and Order: The Reconciliation of Law and Religion reviewed by, November, pg. 367

Helping Others Helps Us All: Law Students Donate Services, January, pg. 52

Junk Science: What To Do When It Happens To You (Expert Witnesses), March, pg. 117

Kids’ Chance (Benefits of I.O.L.T.A.), March, pg. 106

Lawyers and Doctors Join Forces Against Drug Abuse, January, pg. 16

Limited liability company for attorneys in Alabama, November, pg. 379

Lonely is the Lawyer, May, pg. 191

Myth Information: CD ROM and Legal Research, March, pg. 114

Non-Refundable Retainers, May, pg. 194

Opening of Court Ceremony (October 5, 1992), January, pg. 24

Oppression of Minority Shareholders: Contract Not Tort, March, pg. 128

Products Liability and Contributory Negligence, July, pg. 261

Retention storage destruction and disposition of client files, September, pg. 313

Reviewed the Book Alabama Tort Law Handbook, January, pg. 23

Reviewed the Book Faith and Order: The Reconciliation of Law and Religion Judge, November, pg. 367

The Alabama Capital Representation Resource Center (I.O.L.T.A.), March, pg. 107

The Alabama Limited Liability Company Act: A New Entity Choice, July, pg. 232

The Law … Should Be Accessible to Every Man At All Times (Benefits of I.O.L.T.A.), January, pg. 22

The Unauthorized Practice of Law?, March, pg. 110

The Uninvited Guest (Environmental Lawyers in Bankruptcy Courts), July, pg. 254

Unlawful Detainer and Eviction, March, pg. 92

Women in the Law, November, pg. 373

Browse 1992 issues


A Helping Hand, September, pg. 357

Access to Justice – Establishing a Pro Bono Project, Part I, January, pg. 51

Access to Justice – Establishing a Pro Bono Project, Part II, March, pg. 129

Asa Roundtree Comes Home, July, pg. 254

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Bibb, September, pg. 308

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Fayette, January, pg. 28

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Lamar, March, pg. 104

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Pickens County, May, pg. 176

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Shelby, November, pg. 396

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Tuscaloosa, July, pg. 247

Civil Court Mediation Rules, July, pg. 250

Commercial Litigation in the United States Claims Court, September, pg. 334

Commercial Litigation in the United States Supreme Court, September, pg. 334

Disaster Response: Do You Know the Bar’s Plan?, July, pg. 267

District Attorney conflict of interest, March, pg. 132

Emphasis on Environmental Disclosure, July, pg. 262

Entertainment Law: Is There Such an Animal and Could There Be One in Alabama?, November, pg. 400

Environmental Considerations in Real Estate and Other Business Transactions, January, pg. 31

Ex Parte Interviews with Corporate Party Employees, September, pg. 312

Helping the Alcoholic Colleague, September, pg. 359

In the Spirit of Public Service, November, pg. 436

Is an Objection to the Form Enough?, September, pg. 377

Legal Services Corporation of Alabama Continues Its Efforts to Provide Quality Legal Services to Needy Persons, March, pg. 100

Literature for Lawyers: A New Approach to an Old Subject, July, pg. 271

Litigating Minority Shareholder Rights and the New Tort of Oppression, March, pg. 108

Negotiating and Litigating Computer Contracts, November, pg. 404

New Alabama Worker’s Compensation Act, September, pg. 365

Reassessment of the Lawyer’s Discovery Responsibilities, July, pg. 278

Regulation by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, January, pg. 23

Regulation by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, July, pg. 23

Remarks at Opening of Court Ceremony (1991-92 Term), January, pg. 12

Remarks on the Dedication of the Frank M. Johnson Building, July, pg. 275

Silviculture Practices and Environmental Law, January, pg. 38

Smart Moves to Beat the Recession – How Your Legal Support Staff Can Make a Difference, March, pg. 120

The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990: Expensive, Confusing and Possibly Jail Time for Non-Compliance, January, pg. 46

The Rule on Exclusion of Witnesses – Beyond the Courtroom, March, pg. 126

The Unauthorized Practice of Law?, September, pg. 363

Uniform Guidelines for Attorney Fee Declarations, January, pg. 55

When is a Bankruptcy Lurking in the Shadows of a Divorce Case?, November, pg. 418

Browse 1991 issues


A Colleague’s Perspective of Frank Johnson, November, pg. 319

Advertising general, March, pg. 80

Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program – Pro Bono Publico Service in Alabama, November, pg. 357

Alternative Dispute Resolution: An Introduction, May, pg. 126

Anecdotes from Judge Johnson’s Wife, Ruth, November, pg. 321

Bank Customer Privacy in Alabama, January, pg. 40

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Baldwin County, July, pg. 200

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Bay Minette, July, pg. 200

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Bessemer, March, pg. 84

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Calhoun, September, pg. 268

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Cleburne, May, pg. 162

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Daphne, July, pg. 200

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – Jefferson County, January, pg. 14

Building Alabama’s Courthouses – St. Clair, November, pg. 332

Conflict of interest among clients, September, pg. 274

Court Reporting in the 1990’s, March, pg. 98

Courting the Ideal Lawyer, November, pg. 361

Emphasis on Integrity: Frank Johnson and the Administration of Criminal Justice, November, pg. 338

Failure to Read This Article May Result In the Dismissal of Your Appeal, September, pg. 252

Is That All There Is, January, pg. 56

Judge Johnson’s Speech at the Dedication of the Robert S. Vance Federal Building, January, pg. 17

Legal Assistants: A Growing Role in the Practice of Law in Alabama, July, pg. 214

Mediation in Alabama, May, pg. 133

Medicare as a Second Payer Where Services are Reimbursable Under Automobile Medical, No-fault or Any Liability Insurance, January, pg. 46

Modifying Child Custody Decisions Because of Indiscreet Sexual Behavior – Changing Times and an Elusive Standard, January, pg. 36

Nonpartisan Judicial Elections and the State Bar, May, pg. 156

Office sharing, November, pg. 346

Opinions of the General Counsel, November, pg. 346

Possible Appellate Court Restructuring in Alabama, March, pg. 77

Punitive Damages – A Historical Perspective, September, pg. 262

Questions and Answers with Judge Frank Johnson, November, pg. 328

Referral for-profit program, January, pg. 57

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, July, pg. 194

Slovak Lawyers Hit Alabama: Jana & Jana, July, pg. 208

Statute of Limitations Under the Alabama Legal Services Liability Act, September, pg. 276

The Alabama Uniform Condominium Act of 1991, September, pg. 294

The Mini-Trial and Summary Jury Trials, May, pg. 150

The Need for Tax Reform in Alabama, July, pg. 189

The Soviet Experiment, March, pg. 106

Use of attorney’s trade-names for communications, May, pg. 142

Video Court Reporting: What Judges and Lawyers Think, March, pg. 95

Videorecording Court Proceedings Comes to Alabama, March, pg. 92

Videotape as the Official Record of Trail, March, pg. 94

Videotape as the Official Record of Trial, March, pg. 94

Videotaping of Court Proceedings, March, pg. 91