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Are You Going to Wear That?

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With this gentle chide many wives signal to their husbands that they ought to select something different to wear. Unfortunately, right now many students at the University of Alabama School of Law don’t have much of a choice when it comes to a change of wardrobe.

Many law students, and some business students, too, lost their homes or apartments to the tornadoes of April 27th.  While there have been lots of donations made to the Tuscaloosa area generally, business attire has been hard to come by, and some of these students desperately need business-appropriate clothing for job interviews or work.

The law school is coordinating donations of work attire for affected students.  Clothing is needed for both men and women.  This includes suits, business causal clothing, shoes, ties, briefcases and handbags.  The law school has designated a room with racks where the donated items will be displayed and the students who lost their belongings will have an opportunity to select what they need.  Any items not selected by the students will be donated to Dress for Success.

If you would like to donate clothing, please contact either Terri Olive Tompkins at Phelps, Jenkins, Gibson and Fowler, 1201 Greensboro Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 34501 or Katie Nolan, the career consultant at the law school.  You can contact her at (205) 348-6485.  Donations from the southern part of the state can be taken to Celia Collins at Johnstone Adams, 4th floor, 1st St. Louis Centre, 1 St. Louis Street in Mobile.  Any donations to the Mobile drop-off location must be received by the close of business on Friday (May 13th).  There is also a collection point at Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in Montgomery.  For more information contact Allen Howell, Director of Career Services, at (334) 386-7618 or

If you don’t have clothing to donate but would like to contribute, the law school is also accepting gift cards from Belk for this purpose.