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Back to Basics

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As a new bar year begins the theme of “back to basics” seems to be coming up over and over. ASB President Rich Raleigh has adopted it as his guiding principle for the upcoming year, and it offers a lot of room for thought and improvement in both the way lawyers practice and in the administration of justice. So I wasn’t entirely surprised when the July/August issue of GPSolo magazine hit my desk this morning touting this same idea. As always, it’s chock full of feature articles and regular columns that go right to the heart of the issues that solos and small firms deal with every day, such as:

There’s even a great article entitled Why Are You Practicing Law in the First Place? on how the authors have incorporated their passions into their practices, and many more. Check it out online today. There are bound to be several good nuggets of wisdom you can put to use in your practice right away!