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Check Out PacerPro - It's Free!

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Lawyers who practice in the federal court system have long grumbled that the PACER system is clunky and hard to use. One lawyer, Gavin McGrane, was so disgruntled that he decided to invent a better mousetrap and, thus, in 2012 PacerPro, a $25 per month service that provided a more workable web interface for the PACER system, was born.

Beginning in January of this year, PacerPro became a free service and, since no one should look a gift-horse in the mouth, if you practice in federal court you may want to check it out. According to the FAQ on the site, it costs nothing to register to use PacerPro’s basic services, which include simultaneous searches across multiple district courts in real time, one-click downloads, bookmarking of cases and more; however, you do have to have a PACER account and regular PACER charges apply.

Free PacerPro basic service is likely designed to get you hooked on additional paid services in the future but if it’s half as good as it sounds like it is, it’s probably worth a try.

Hat tip to former ASB President Alyce Spruell for suggesting this post.