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Do You Provide First Class Legal Services?

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If you’d like to learn to make yourself invaluable to current and future clients, the latest addition to the PMAP Checkout Library can point the way. Although seemingly aimed at a small segment of the legal field, Succeeding as Outside Counsel: A Lawyer’s Guide to Providing First Class Legal Services from the Client’s Perspective is extremely useful reading for any lawyer who wants to learn to understand his or her clients’ needs, better manage client expectations, improve client communications and create a business development plan to attract new clients by better addressing client needs.

Written by Rod Boddie, who has over 15 years of experience as in-house counsel for several large companies and currently develops training programs to help outside counsel understand what their clients need and expect and how to deliver it, the book sets out what clients are really looking for (beyond handling a particular legal matter) and provides concise and entertaining illustrations of how lawyers often fail to understand, much less, deliver. You’ll learn how to add value beyond your initial engagement, provide actionable work product, best go about informing and educating your clients and develop client-centric billing practices.

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