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File this one under "Doh!" Sincere Thanks is the Most Rewarding Gift

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A recent press release about a poll conducted by Ipsos for Citi’s Thank You Network reveals that 95% of Americans stated they feel “really good when others thank me for something I have done or accomplished.” Well, duh! All of us know this but very few law firms take advantage of it. And there are two ways that they could.

First, you can generate great loyalty among your staff, without necessarily having to shell out great amounts of money, if you will just take the time to do simple things like evaluate their work on a yearly basis and thank them sincerely when they do a good job. Most of us work because we have to, but once we reach a certain point the satisfaction we get from our jobs is as great, if not a greater, motivator than money. The continued existence of school teachers is proof-positive of this.

Second, the survey also revealed that 72% of Americans said they are surprised when a company thanks them for their business. Obviously, not many businesses are thanking their customers, or it wouldn’t cause such a huge shock when one does. Again, a simple thank you is a great way to convey to your existing clients that their business is important to you. It might even make them so happy that they’ll recommend your firm to other people, and can be one of the easiest and cheapest marketing activities you’ve ever engaged in.

Who are you going to thank today?