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Get Paid Quickly! LawPay Offers Special Incentive

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Despite the need to carefully manage cash flow, some lawyers are still making it hard for their clients to pay them. They do this by failing to accept debit and credit cards. However, for most individuals and smaller businesses, paying by credit card is a preferred method – they get up to another 30 days interest-free from the credit card company along with travel points, cash back or other benefits. Accepting credit cards is also advantageous to the law firm because it directs the client to a lender who is more skilled in assessing credit risk than you are, and puts the risk of non-payment on that lender. For those who are moving into the virtual practice of law, taking credit card payments is practically required.

LawPay is the Alabama State Bar’s approved provider for credit card merchant services and through March 14th they are offering a special incentive for ASB members who join.  The contract is month to month, and they’ll even waive the $150 virtual terminal fee and the first three months of program fees.  Participating law firms save  20-25% off standard credit and debit card fees.  If you are already accepting credit and debit cards, you should compare your current processor with the ASB member benefit.

Call 866-276-0950 or visit the LawPay/Alabar by March 14th to take advantage of this offer.