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Has Decomposition Set In?

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No, this is not a joke about how long it’s been since I’ve posted regularly to this blog!

When I think of decomposition my thoughts generally turn, at best, to organic backyard recycling and, at worst, to CSI Miami, but “decomposing” is one of the terms that Richard Suskind uses in his new book Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future to discuss the three drivers that he believes are acting to transform the legal landscape and will materially affect the way that the legal system and the courts will function in the future.

In his introductory article to Law Practice’s Big Ideas Issue, which explores some cutting-edge topics that are relevant to all practicing lawyers and was just posted online, Suskind gives a brief overview of the book and how he believes that cost pressures, information technology and the internet, and what he calls “liberalization” – allowing non-lawyers to provide services which are currently only provided by lawyers – are already at work to change the way that successful lawyers will practice in the future and the skills that upcoming law students will need to survive and thrive. I’ll let you read the article to see how the “decomposing” of legal matters may already be affecting your practice, current profitability and future financial prospects. This book is a must-read for law students and lawyers just beginning practice and for existing lawyers who want to understand the disruptive forces that will buffet them as we move further into the 21st century.

The Big Idea issue also contains an informative and insightful feature article titled Venture Capital Investments in Legal Services by Mary Vandenack, which sheds light on the many ways that lawyers, especially solos and small firms, will see increased competition from online legal products, as well as features on firm cybersecurity, marketing in the era of the ubiquitous mobile device, and the next step in virtual law firms, along with the usual lineup of great regular columns.

This issue is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.