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Is Your Web Site Ready?

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

I received some interesting stats from the bar’s IT department this morning.

In September, the bar’s web site received around 100,000 visits. Of these, approximately 8,000 were from mobile devices. The breakdown of the type of mobile device used was interesting, too, with around 5,600 visits coming from iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), about 2,000 from Android-based devices, and the remaining 400 or so coming from BlackBerries and phones using other operating systems. Needless to say, while these visits represent only 8% of the month’s visits, smart phone usage among almost all segments of the US population is increasing rapidly and it’s got us thinking about how our web site looks and acts in a mobile browser, and what changes we should make to improve the visitor experience for those who reach us in this way.

Word of mouth recommendation remains the preferred resource for those seeking a lawyer but, as you probably know from your own experience, more and more people with education and resources are turning to the internet to find information on potential lawyers before they hire one, and many of these people are using mobile internet access to facilitate many areas of their businesses and personal lives. These are the clients most lawyers want to attract.

If that’s true for you, you should be asking yourself how your firm’s web site plays with mobile devices and what type of visitor experience you’re providing to potential clients who use them.