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Saving Your Legal Research Results: Some Great How-To Suggestions

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By helping Alabama lawyers with searches on Casemaker, the ASB’s free legal research system member benefit, I’ve learned that many lawyers would like to save the results of their searches for use in later, similar matters, but often feel like it’s too much trouble because they don’t have a good system for doing so. Paper copies of the cases take up too much room (might as well just keep the books on the shelf) and who can ever remember where they filed the Word or WordPerfect copies. That’s why I was delighted to come across a post this morning that gives some great information on how to save your search results to PDF, annotate them with comments, and then organize them for future use.

If you’d like some great ideas on how to save and organize cases for future use, check out this short post by Molly DiBianca on the Delaware Employment Law Blog.