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Smartphone Shootout - Which Is Best For You?

Big-firm-lawyers with BlackBerrys are so common that the image this phrase conjures up is almost a cliché. And many solo practitioners have been quick to adopt the stylish iPhone, so that they can keep on top of calls and email with a minimum of assistance from staff. After all, solos don’t have to build group consensus and often don’t have IT issues that firms with more than one lawyer have to contend with when deciding on the right smartphone.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, wanting to upgrade and trying to decide which smartphone, and which network, will best serve your firm’s needs, this 4-way comparison review of the top four contenders (iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid and Pre) from InfoWorld will help you make up your mind. There’s also a side article which provides a visual tour of the new Motorola Droid.