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State of Alabama Standards of Practice for Attorneys Representing Parents in Dependency and Termination-of-Parental-Rights Cases

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The Alabama Parents’ Attorney Standards Subcommittee, chaired by John Bodie of Trussville, has discussed the adoption of standards for representing parents in dependency and termination-of-parental-rights (TPR) cases in Alabama. A copy of the American Bar Association (ABA)’s “Standards of Practice for Attorneys Representing Parents in Abuse and Neglect Cases” was distributed to the subcommittee members who agreed that the standards would serve as a working draft. Several amendments were made. Subcommittee comments identified as “Alabama Comments” are included to provide clarifications for interpretation and/or implementation in Alabama.

These standards have been approved by the Alabama State Bar’s Family Law Section and apply to all state-provided attorneys (whether the attorneys are appointed, provided under contract, are public defenders, or are otherwise paid for by state funds), recognizing that individuals always maintain the right to hire counsel of their own choosing.

For information on the standards, download the PDF above.