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Suddenly Solo? There's Help Available!

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Many lawyers, particularly recent law school graduates, are finding themselves preparing to hang a shingle as the economic downturn has resulted in law firm layoffs and deferrals of new hires. Fortunately, there are some good resources out there for those who are thinking about starting their own practices, or have already taken the plunge.

On the local scene, Cumberland School of Law Continuing Legal Education and Career Services are presenting a series of Beginning Your Law Practice seminars. The three programs will cover Establishing a Practice, Beginning a Wills, Estates and Probate Practice, and Developing Your Practice: Opportunities in District Court. The seminar is open to any lawyer who is interested, and registration is waived for members of Cumberland’s Class of 2009. Click here for complete program descriptions, dates, locations and registration information.

Here at the Alabama State Bar, we are continuing to work with the Alabama chapters of the Association of Legal Administrators to provide our lawyers admitted less than six years with one-on-one counseling on issues relating to practice management. Check out this previous post for more information on our ALA Referral Program.

We also have information on our website for lawyers who are dealing with hard economic times, including thinking of starting a practice.

Finally, Law Practice Today, the ABA LPM Section’s webzine, had a great issue entitled Suddenly Solo recently, with lots of advice for those who are starting or working to improve a new practice.