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Tax Returns? Fascinating? Actually, Yes.

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While tax returns are just a once-a-year headache for most people, for lawyers, particularly those who practice family law, they are often a day-in and day-out reality. So I was fascinated to learn that there is a book which will walk you through the individual 1040 federal tax return, line by line, with an eye toward improving discovery in family law cases.

The 1040 Handbook: A Guide to Income and Asset Discovery, Fifth Edition, by Jack Zuckerman, is now available in both paper back and in e-book formats from the ABA Section of Family Law.

According to the information which I received about the book, it tracks through a hypothetical couple’s 2007 return, line by line, showing what each line can reveal about assets and income and helping you develop a list of other documents you need to obtain and questions you need to ask.

If you ‘re interested in a copy, contact Kristi Skipper and she’ll see if we can get it at a 40% discount through the PMAP Discount Book Store. The regular price of the book is $99.95 and ABA Section of Family Law Members can purchase it for $89.95.