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The Last Word is Live

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I guess it’s part of the lawyer personality to want to have the last word. And the relatively new technology of blogging now makes that possible.

Print publications, even newsletters, take lots of time and effort to prepare and distribute. Websites allow the posting of the latest news much more quickly, but they still require a level of training that the average lawyer doesn’t usually have. That’s where blogging software comes in. With web-based software that’s often easier to use than WordPerfect or Word, anyone who can handle hunt and peck typing can become a publisher.

I’m Laura Calloway, the Director of the Practice Management Assistance Program. Since I joined the Alabama State Bar almost eleven years ago, I’ve searched for ways to provide our members with information on practice management – particularly the wealth of information which is being authored or compiled on the Internet by my counterparts in other state, – and now this blog is making it possible.

The Last Word will serve as a supplement to The Alabama Lawyer and Addendum, to bring members of the Alabama State Bar information that either doesn’t fit our print publications or needs to be pushed out quickly. I’ll be posting to this blog a couple of times a week with information on the Annual Meeting, member benefits, law practice management issues, or just useful or interesting things that I think lawyers can take home and use. Hopefully, it will convince at least a couple of Alabama lawyers that they can become bloggers, too.

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