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The Organized Lawyer - Who, Me?

One of the best things about working for a bar association is that I sometimes get free stuff. Not bribe-type stuff for personal use – that’s against the rules for state employees – but things like review copies of books, which are OK. I got one recently that’s both an easy, interesting read and quite useful for lawyers, like me, who have papers and files piled up to the ceiling.

The Organized Lawyer by Kelly Lynn Anders is designed to help lawyers in any type practice understand how they relate to their “stuff” and develop better ways for dealing with it. In light of how many ethics violations result from the inability to find things or get around to getting work done, being better organized can be a lawyer’s best protection against ethics complaints and malpractice actions.

You take a short quiz to find out which organizational style you fall into and then learn how to work within that style to develop systems that are effective while being comfortable for you to use and maintain.

The book covers office layout, desk arrangement, management of electronic and paper files, home offices and even ways to stay organized while working away from the office. At under 150 pages and a list price of only $20, you can’t go wrong with this one.