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What's In Your Wallet?

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That catchy slogan for one of the credit card companies took on a different meaning earlier this week. A friend of mine had out-of-town company visiting and when he went out to go to the bank and buy a paper one morning he lost his wallet. Something we’ve all done at one time or another, and not that hard to do. The phrase stuck in my mind, though, because when he went to file a police report so that he could have proof that he had a valid drivers license before he started his drive toward home, several distant states away, he had a little trouble answering just that question. Besides his drivers license, the number of which he couldn’t quite recall, what had been in his wallet?

This put me in mind of a trick I learned several years ago that has served me well. I must have read or heard somewhere (I can’t believe I was smart enough to think it up on my own) that everyone should periodically take everything out of their wallet, stick it all on the copy machine, and make two copies of it – front and back. Leave one copy in a safe place at the office and take the other home. This way, should you be unfortunate enough to misplace said wallet, all you have to do is pull out the copy, or call your assistant to retrieve it, and you have all your credit card numbers, plus the toll free numbers you will need to report them stolen.

So what’s in your wallet? For the price of only a couple of copies you can always know.