ALAP accepts anonymous referrals, as well as self-referrals, from any individual who has concerns regarding mental health or addiction. A person is allowed to call or email our program if they have a loved one or colleague who is a law student, lawyer or judge that is unable to handle the pressures of work/life. The person making the call may remain anonymous if they so desire.

Once ALAP has been contacted, we reach out to the individual, via email or phone, to see if they are willing to meet with our director and/or one or more members of our committee. All information is strictly confidential. If the individual is willing, the director and/or committee members will meet with him or her to see what their needs are. We will listen non-judgmentally, share our own experience, strength and hope, and provide recommendations and support.

Model Policy

The Alabama State Bar model policy has been developed by the Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program Committee. It is recommended to law firms desiring to implement a policy concerning impairment of its attorneys when they are representing clients and when engaged in other activities that reflect upon the law firm. The specifics of this model policy reflect the Committee’s view of “best practices” for such a policy.

The Firm has adopted this Policy to ensure that our attorneys maintain themselves in a mental condition appropriate to representation of the Firm’s clients, and in accordance with the Rules of Disciplinary Procedure of the Alabama State Bar. The Firm also expects its attorneys to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects favorably on the Firm and that does not bring the lawyer, or vicariously the Firm, into disrepute.

Model Law Firm Policy (David Wooldridge is available for consultation at 205-930-5219)

Return to Work Agreement

Self Help

Alcoholics Anonymous
Emotions Anonymous
Dual Recovery Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Gambler’s Anonymous
Debtor’s Anonymous

Program Director

Robert Thornhill
334.517-2239 (fax)