As a lawyer, people turn to you for the special knowledge and skills to help protect their rights. One small act can be enough to turn a person’s life around for the better. Your guidance can be a gift to your client, the community and yourself. In fact, many lawyers will say that volunteering is the most satisfying aspect of their careers.

Even if you can devote only a few hours of your time to pro bono work, we strongly encourage you to join the program.

The Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP) is a project of the Alabama State Bar. Its purpose is to provide free legal services to low-income Alabamians in civil matters. Although we serve 60 counties in Alabama, our office is located in the Alabama State Bar Building at 415 Dexter Avenue in Montgomery. There are also four local VLP programs, which are listed below. Please consider joining today with many of your peers who have already volunteered their services through these important programs.

Volunteer Enrollment Form